Other Electrosurgical Disposables

Electrosurgical Disposable Accessories

Wallach Surgical Offers a Full Line of Electrosurgical Accessories.

Purchase a full line of disposable electrosurgical products now from Wallach! From electrosurgical pens to grounding pads, Endocervical Block Needles for intracervical block and Ferric Subsulfate Aqueous solution.  All the disposables you need to perform the Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure.

For Professional Use Only. This product is not available for online purchase. For more information, a product demonstration or to have a sales representative contact you, click here.
Disposable Patient Split Grounding Pads (with connect) Disposable Patient Split Grounding Pads (with connect)For use with Quantum 2000 these pads offer extra patient safety by signaling the system to shut down if the patient is not in complete contact with the pad. This pad can also be used with the Quantum 500 electrosurgical system.
GYN Starter Kit of Disposable Accessories GYN Starter Kit of Disposable Accessories4 ea. handswitch operated pencils, 5 ea. disposable split ground pads with reusable cable, 4 ea. 10 x 10 loops, 4 each 10 x 8 square loops, 4 ea. 20 x 8 loops, 4 ea. 20 x 10 loops, 4 ea. 5mm ball electrodes, 4 ea. Ferric Subsulfate Aqueous, 3 ea. disposable smoke evacuation tubing with speculum tubing
Ferric Subsulfate Aqueous Solution Ferric Subsulfate Aqueous SolutionFerric Subsulfate makes post operative bleeding easier to control. Twelve single dose bottles come in a convenient box. NOTE: PRODUCT REQUIRES LICENSE FOR PURCHASE.
Footpedal Operated Pencils Footpedal Operated PencilsFor use with Quantum 2000 and other compatible electrosurgical generators. Sterile and single use only. Reusable adaptor required.
Electrosurgical Disposable Grounding Pads (50 per box) Electrosurgical Disposable Grounding Pads (50 per box)Universal electrosurgical split grounding pad for use with Quantum 2000, Quantum 500, Valley Lab and Cooper 6000 units. Must be used with durable, reusable 9 ft. 4 in. cable that can be disinfected after each use. This method is cost effective.
Endocervical Block Kit for Intracervical Block Endocervical Block Kit for Intracervical BlockThis kit is sterile, single use only. It includes the reinforced, long EndoBlock Needle, 18-gauge needle for drawing anesthetic and disposable syringe with finger grip. Buy EndoBlock Needles separately in 6 pack box with either luer-lok or threaded hub.

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