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ZoomScope® with Trulight

Ergonomic overhead suspension arm for optimal viewing

ZoomScope with Trulight

Our premier colposcope offers unobstructed access to the examination site, allowing for optimal viewing. Zoom knobs conveniently located on both sides of the optical head with vertical and horizontal optics adjustment capabilities.

  • Stereoscopic continuous 4.5 – 20x zoom Nikon optics for optimal viewing and image magnification
  • Trulight LED illuminates target tissue; center Green LED enables detection of vascular patterns
  • Optional USB video camera captures images and integrates into EMR systems
906043-SP-3 ZoomScope w Trulight-3 Leg Base
906043-SP-4 ZoomScope w Trulight-4 Leg Base
906043-40TU-5 ZoomScope Trulight with Video, Digital USB Camera

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