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Endocell® Disposable Endometrial Cell Sampler

Simple, safe and economical extraction of endometrial histological samples

The Wallach Endocell® offers a simple, manual suction process for extracting screening samples from the endometrium. In most cases, no cervical dilation is necessary. This non-traumatic process screens for endometrial carcinoma, precancerous conditions, and uterine pathogens and can be utilized for fertility diagnostics, hormonal therapy, endometrial biopsy, and menstrual extraction.

  • Moldable for easy insertion into a markedly anteverted or retroverted uterus
  • Excellent suction provided by elastomeric seal piston plunger
  • No cervical dilation necessary in most cases
  • Numbered sounding marks for safety and precision
  • 3.1mm outside diameter
  • Sterilized and individually packaged
908014A Endocell (35 per Box)
908015 Endocell (6 boxes of 35 (210 pieces))
908016 Endocell (15 boxes of 35 (525 pieces))