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LifeDop® Vascular Assessment Probes

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Excellent sensitivity and durability

LifeDop® Vascular Assessment Probes

All Summit Doppler LifeDop® vascular probes are specifically designed to provide excellent sensitivity for locating vessels and blood flow. Extremely durable, LifeDop® probes are interchangeable for use on the L150, L250, and L350 series of Dopplers, with the exception of the sterilizable probes, which have some restrictions. Most models have user replaceable cables.

4 MHz Vascular Probe

This probe is optimized with a broad, flat beam for easy location of blood flow.

5 MHz Vascular Probe

The medium width beam aids in detecting deep vessels.

8 MHz Vascular Probe

The best general-purpose vascular probe. The sensitive, narrow beam allows for easy detection of surface vessel location.

8 MHz Sterilizable Probe

Clinically tested for use in sterile fields for the detection of blood flow in both veins and arteries. STERRAD compatible for use with selected LifeDop dopplers.

SD4 4 MHz Vascular Probe
SD5 5 MHz Vascular Probe
SD8 8 MHz Vascular Probe
STN 8 MHz Sterilizable Vascular Probe
C250CC Obstetrical Vascular Combination – L250 Doppler, 3 MHz and 8 MHz Probe
C250CV Vascular Combination – L250 Doppler, 5 MHz and 8 MHz Probe

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