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Instrument Warranty Duration
LL100™/LLCO2™ Cryosurgical Freezers (see below) 5 Years*
Cryosurgical Consoles & Probes 1 Year
UltraFreeze™ 3 Years
Colpostar 1H 3 Years
Colposcopes with Trulight™ 7 Years
Digital Imaging Systems 1 Year
Video Accessories 1 Year
Electrosurgical Generator and Integration Unit 1 Year
Smoke Evacuator 1 Year
Biopsy Instruments (2 years sharpening) 1 Year
Fetal Monitors 1 Year
Fetal and Vascular Dopplers 2 Years
ABI Systems 1 Year
Handheld Instruments (2 years of sharpening) 1 Year

Wallach products are warranted by Wallach Surgical Devices to be free from defects in material and workmanship for an initial period. During this period, Wallach Surgical Devices or its authorized service station will, at its option and without charge, either repair or replace any part or assembly of parts found to be defective in material and workmanship. Repairs are to be accomplished by a Certified Wallach Surgical Devices Repair Technician. In the event that the unit is tampered with by unauthorized personnel prior to the end of the warranty, the warranty is considered NULL and VOID.

Wallach Surgical Devices is not responsible for any injury resulting from repairs made by other individuals or organizations not certified by Wallach Surgical Devices.

This warranty does not apply to the following:

  1. A product that has been supject to misuse, abuse, negligence, or accident.
  2. Defects or damage directly or indirectly caused by installation or service of the product by unauthorized personnel and/or the use of unauthorized replacement parts.
  3. Lamps, bulbs, fiber-optic cables, and batteries.
  4. Improper use of cleaning methods or chemicals that damage equipment.
  5. Peripheral equipment that is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

All Wallach products are Latex free.

*Some Wallach products qualify for automatic extended warranty, call your Wallach representative for more information.

Wallach Surgical is part of CooperSurgical Medical Devices. Wallach Surgical products will be available on the CooperSurgical website in the near future, and will be automatically redirected to